benefit nights

Benefit Night Fundraisers

Benefit Night fundraisers are in-store fundraisers that share 50% with local organizations. For more information on how they work, please review the information in the link below.

In-Store Processes & Procedures 

All Benefit Nights are scheduled by Alyssa through our Community Support Portal at Scheduled Benefit Nights are communicated to stores through Monkey.

IMPORTANT: Tickets are picked up AND paid for in-store. Tickets are never to leave the store unpaid for at the register. Payment methods include cash, check or credit card.


SELLING: Tickets are picked up AND paid for in-store.

   1. Ring in the appropriate ticket quantity using the"Fundraiser Ticket" button

       (located on the "Discount" screen).

   2. Collect payment. Total should be $5 x number of tickets.

       Example: 100 tickets are $500

REDEEMING: Each ticket is valid for one (1) entree, side, and drink. DO NOT ring in their order. Only ring additional items purchased, not covered by the ticket.

    1. Collect all tickets throughout the day. At the end of night use the"Fundraiser

        Redeemed" button (located on the "Discount" screen) to ring in the total

        number of tickets collected. Total should be $5 x number of tickets collected.

    2. 100% comp and close the check.

For questions regarding ringing in tickets, please contact your GM or Area Director.

For all other Benefit Night questions, please contact Alyssa at or 814-691-1155